One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of construction is employing the “Design/Build” process. This concept allows for streamlining the building process offering better communication and better cost control in the design and construction of a project. The Design/Build concept offers our clients price and schedule control early in the process. It unifies the responsibility for the project in one source – our Design/Build team – reducing the chance of any surprises or miscommunication during the construction process. Benefits of the Design/Build concept include:

Single-Source Responsibility

From the very beginning, we are responsible for the entire construction process – under one contract – with our Design/Build program. Working with our consultants, we have the expertise to generate architectural, engineering & CAD documents, secure all required permits and approvals, coordinate specialty sub-contractors, as well as assign a team of experienced Project Managers to deliver construction projects on-time and on-budget.

Better Communication

Our Design/Build team not only creates a partnership with our clients but also with the sub-contractors and major suppliers for a project. Communication is greatly improved – from day one, throughout the entire project.

Value Engineering

The Design/Build concept allows for value engineering¬† – a process for reducing the cost of a project – without major changes that affect the intended function or overall appearance of a project. We’ve used value engineering for projects including custom homes & residential renovations as well as task-specific commercial projects in our core service areas.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

A Guaranteed Maximum Price can be established to assure that the client’s budget is not compromised. In most cases, we can offer a Guaranteed Maximum Price early in the project, based on an approved scope of work.


The Design/Build concept allows for fast-tracking – many different construction activities taking place at one time – to move the project forward at an accelerated pace. This allows the owner to occupy the building sooner than possible with the traditional design, bid, and build process, shortening construction time – and cost to the owner. For example, while design work is being completed, we can secure a demolition permit and start the demolition process and confirm the “as-is” conditions while the rest of the construction documents are being completed.