Founded in 1988, the Construction Group, LLC has become one of the most experienced and well-respected providers of masonry, concrete, structural steel fabrication & installation, and related services in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. Our commitment to providing our clients with “Quality Driven Construction” has proven to be the foundation of our firm.

Our philosophy, inspired by the late Mr. George Perkins, is that “the best and least expensive way of completing any construction project is by doing it right the first time.” Our mission, quite simply, is to provide our clients with sound advice, project planning, and quality workmanship essential to facilitate delivering construction projects on-time and on-budget.

Our approach to each project, calls for a cooperative effort, working closely with clients towards one common goal – successful project delivery. Our construction divisions, inclusive of structural engineering consulting, give attention to detail, and strives to identify practical methods to maintain a handle on the construction process. Our specialized divisions work in harmony with one another to ensure that each task-specific phase is matched with the appropriate manpower and expertise. The end result, project after project, is the delivery of construction projects that stand the test of time.